Versa Musica students are involved in giving back to the wonderful community of Thomas County. Our students will have the opportunity to share the healing power of music through visits to local hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers. We believe in using the gift of music to help enrich the lives of those around us. Music can truly bring people together and enhance the quality of life in any community. VM students will help spread music by using their talents to serve in the community. 


VM students will be provided with regular concerts and events to see our faculty perform and learn about the performance aspect of music by example. VM students will have their own opportunity to perform in semi-annual student recitals, as well as community events and service opportunities. We believe that a well-rounded arts education will help a student succeed in any area of life and in future pursuits. 


Versa Musica has first-rate faculty in place to meet the diverse needs of our students. Many of our faculty members have bachelors, masters, even doctorate degrees in their field of music, and most are prolific performers in the US, and several have played internationally. Our experienced faculty will be able to recognize the needs of each individual student and design a personalized musical experience in the student's area of interest.


Versa Musica offers private musical instruction in a variety of instruments. Our qualified instructors are available to teach lessons on piano, guitar, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and voice. VM also provides opportunities for our students to learn multiple styles and genres of music, from Classical to Rock to Gospel to Jazz and everything in between.  We provide instruction for students that are seriously considering a career in music, but also for the student who just desires to enrich their life and learn a new skill. The diversity VM offers will meet the need of every student.


who we are

‚ÄčVersa Musica, Conservatory of Music, is the premier music academy in South Georgia. Based in Thomasville, Georgia, Versa Musica strives to provide excellent and diverse musical instruction to students of all ages and interests.

But who are we? What makes Versa Musica such a great choice for you as a student of music?  Let's look at just a few of the benefits VM has to offer you.